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2021-12-22 || Due to the Health Mandate all classes are currently suspended at the moment.

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Tap Dancing

contemporary and vaudeville styles of tap dancing/hoofing.

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Feet o' Flames

Tap Dancing at with Gabby

If you ask Gabreïl the best dance for Children and Adults to start with, with out hesitation, he blurts out, "Tap!!!" Gabbyloves Tap. You will love it too.


For over 30 years Gabby has been offering various styles of Tap Dance courses. With strong roots in the Vaudville Styles as well as "Hoofing" and Irish step dancing, these classes focus on rhythmatic control and strong balance awareness. As a great foot work addition to the Lindy Hop dancer or a deeper historical context (and sometimes contradictory approach) for the Musical Theatre buff the diversity of this course will have cramp-rollin' out the door.

In the early 00s Gabby collaborated with Hip Hop instructor Elaine Laken to offer their Urban Tap and Stomp class that focused teaching rhythm and old-school foot combos to hip hop dancers out of Dancing on King, Toronto.