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Social Dancing

For thousands of years before Social Media there has been Social Dancing and we at studios1.ca continue the lineage with a line up of exciting and super fun Social Dance classes

Social Dancing works under a principle that in a Partnered Dance one of the partners initiates the movements or patterns and the other partner responds by executing accordingly. This dialog results in an enjoyable improvised interpretation of the accompanying music.

Social Dance is also a living history of trends and ideas from contributing cultures. For example in the 20th century the influence of Swing on other dances from Ballroom Dancing to Contra (square dancing) to Ballet was ubiquitous.

At studios1.ca our mandate is simple. We start by teaching fundamentals of each dance to get our students up and dancing immediately. This fun atmosphere endorses confidence building and doesn't make learning dance feel like a chore. We create a discussion about the purpose behind why things are done the way they are as well as alternative ideas to find your own style. Our comprehensive courses are so jam backed with moves, style suggests and history that we do not have the time to teach choreographies (please see wedding dances or private lessons for that) and we are not a Competition Dance Studio as our students are just too busy having fun!

We divide our Adult Social Dance courses into three streams.

Swing Dance

Swing Dancing

This course follows Swing Dancing from it's roots in the 1870s through the Roaring 20s and the glamorous refinements of the 50s & 60s. A comprehensive multi-style course that works on fundamentals for almost all the Swing Dance types including the American East Coast Styles of Lindy Hop/Jitterbug, "East Coast Swing", and Rock'n'Roll as well as influences from dances like Bop, Carolina Shag, Balboa, and more!

The Intermediate levels include classes where West Coast Swing moves and ideas are discussed. From time to time we hold West Coast Swing Workshops and courses. More information on our Swing Dancing Courses can be found here.

Latin Dance

Nightclub Latin Dancing

In this course we start with the state of Latin Dance and the influences from various regions and styles. Quickly we move our focus to the trends in Nightclub Style dancing without compromising sound foundations that make the dancers stronger in all dance styles. We focus on Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha in these courses. More info on our Latin Dancing Courses can be found here.


Social Ballroom Dancing

We distinguish our Ballroom Dance courses from the International Ballroom styles as we have a preference for the improvisational leading and following social approach to dance. With multiple types of Ballroom Dances and some Latin Dance and Swing Dancing, these courses offer a well rounded understanding of Social Dancing allowing our students to continue into the other streams or even continuing on into International Ballroom.

Dance styles can include, Foxtrot, Slow Waltz, Ballroom Tango, Rumba, and Merengue. More information on our Social Ballroom Dancing Courses can be found here.