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2021-12-22 || Due to the Health Mandate all classes are currently suspended at the moment.

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Social Ballroom

Slow Waltz, Foxtrot, Ballroom (French) Tango, Rumba, and Merengue

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Our focus is on our Swing Dance and Latin Dance Courses and offer Social Ballroom courses when the schedule permits or for Wedding & Private Lessons.

Social Ballroom INFORMATION

The Foxtrot is one of the most popular ballroom dances performed today. Danced in 4/4 time with a perky and flowing quality, the steps are large and glide in a smooth fashion. First danced in 1914 the Foxtrot, was known by several names and has influenced many of the other dance styles such as Quickstep and Swing.

Today the Rumba is danced smoothly to an often slower tempo. Like many latin dances the Rumba is of Afro-Cuban origins and is known for its romantic sometimes erotic qualities and stylings - check out the Latin Classes for more Latin Dances.

The Slow Waltz, like all styles of waltz developed out of peasant dances. Popular by the 17th Century this dance is characterized by turning steps danced in a gliding fashion. The Slow Waltz, also known as English, American or Boston Waltz is danced at a rather slow 3/4 tempo.

The Swing - Ballroom Swing, Single-step Swing - is an East Coast Swing dance style that comes out of the 1940s. Originally meant to be a refined form of the Jitterbug/Lindy Hop with simplified footwork and less aerobatics the Ballroom Swing is a fun casual partner dance great for beginners - check out the Swing Classes for more Swing Dances.

There are several styles of Tango each having a distinct quality that accents the dance. Originally of Spanish ancestry, Tango was danced in the "slums" of Argentina before its international explosion at the turn of the century. Danced traveling or on the spot, this dance combines patterns and "intimacy" to highlight phrases within the accompanying music. The Ballroom Tango or French Tango is the style taught in the classes.

other Ballroom dances

In Ballroom, Jive is a contemporary upbeat flamboyant Swing dance showcased with rhythmic footwork, kicks and turns - we offer the less Ballroom influenced form of Jive in the Swing Classes.

The Viennese Waltz is a fast one! The movements in this dance are quick, and use circular patterns that glide as one travels around the dance floor. Viennese Waltz uses a 3/4 tempo with a lot of turning - currently not offered.

Essentially a fast tempo Foxtrot, Quickstep combines the smooth flowing quality of Foxtrot with syncopated footwork of such dances like the Charleston. Recognized by its skips and hops it is danced in 4/4 time - currently not offered.